Aces and Faces

For all online gaming enthusiasts, who simply love to play online poker, this is a simple and interesting game. One of Win A Day Casino's most popular games, Aces and Faces is simple to understand and play, and pays well too. It is a popular class of online casino games with an exciting feature of extra high payout if you get 4 of a kind of aces and faces cards. The best thing about the game is that you can play with a constant strategy and expect to win fairly most of the time. The strategy of the game is about deciding which cards to hold onto and when to draw cards depending on the original cards you have.

Combinations that win at Aces and Faces:

  • Two high cards of the same suit (10 or higher)
  • Any pair
  • Three or four cards of a straight flush or regular flush
  • Any one or two unpaired face cards or aces
  • Three or four cards of a royal flush
  • Four cards of a straight

Simple Ways to Start Playing Aces and Faces on Win A Day Casino

To start playing instant casino games like Aces and Faces, you have to select a bet amount. This is the amount you would like to bet on your hand of cards, by choosing from the selector. Following this you have to select the number of hands that you wish to play and press the Deal button to start the game. As soon as you do this, you are left with 5 cards face up, and you will have to choose which cards to hold and which to show. If you follow a suitable strategy the game will be easy. Each hand is played with a separate 52 cards deck. The winnings are listed on the sides after a game is played. If you feel lucky you can double your win up to 5 times in a row with the special featured Double button!