56792x Pyramid Plunder Kerry P. 28 days
50100x The Reel De Luxe Kenneth H. 13 hrs
30680x Trip To Japan Maureen F. 4 days
16421x Leprechaun Luck Anthony J. 20 days
15960x Ice Crystals Michael M. 20 days
15100x Ice Crystals Jacqueline C. 12 days
14491x Pyramid Plunder Adina P. 5 days
14429x Busted Elysia P. 22 days
5 min Eric J. 505x Trip To Japan
6 min Markus H. 620x Trip To Japan
6 min Merle K. 1509x Trip To Japan
10 min Tonny V. 1200x Tropical Treat
14 min Patricia C. 600x Fluffy Paws
15 min James H. 800x Enchanted Gems
15 min Ann G. 775x Robot Escape
16 min Kendry B. 705x Amore

Player testimonials

"I have cashed out at other places but you made the process unbeatable, you kept me informed throughout and all this at no cost to me. My new saying about your casino is “Why play with the rest, when you can play at the best!” Win A Day/Slotland casinos an experience you will never forget." By Cledith A.
"I started at Win A Day's sister site, Slotland, over 10 years ago, and I did not think that I would find an online casino that I liked better...that was until I played a couple of times at Win A Day! Playing here is so much fun, I have not been to my favorite land casino in over a year! That, is a loyal player!" By Rovina R.
"The games at Win A Day are so different to other casinos, they have so many unique features that really make them stand out! I will return to play here over and over again. When you combine the wonderful games, superior customer support and terrific daily promotions it's a no brainer. Win A Day is a winner for me!" By Laurie K.
"I truly love this site and the best part is NO DOWNLOAD!! That and the fact that you have the most unique games is what causes me to continue to play. In addition to really enjoying the games, you have wonderful support staff. It's a lot of fun, good job!" By Sue H.

A Comparison of Win A Day's Fabulous Casino Games

Posted on October 3, 2014

At Win A Day, we entertain our clients with original games, developed by our own software. We incorporate bright colors and sound into these casino games for a highly unique gaming experience in animation and graphics. Our guests and return users count on us to provide them with the most unique online gaming experience possible. Currently, Win A Day Casino offers over 50 unique games, with over 30 of these games being 3D slot machine games. In fact, we are best known for our slot games and video poker games. All of our games are user-friendly; designed to provide the highest level of entertainment, with as much ease as possible, even for new players. Playing on our site doesn't require a special skill or years of previous experience; anyone can join in on the fun.

Common Game Features

All of our casino games enjoy a large success rate for several reasons. They are created with fun and imaginative themes, such as our Alice in Wonderland slots game or the Double Double Bonus Poker video poker game. All of our games offer unique themes that provide a gaming experience that can't be found anywhere else online. They also come with the ability to choose personalized user preferences. Each game has a menu that allows users to choose to have the sound on or off or to put the game into full screen. This menu also allows users to put the game into full screen, turn the Auto Play option on and off or to star the game as a personal favorite. There is even a Game Help option on each menu for every game. All of our games are rich in variety, offering a diversity of themes. They are also crafted with attention placed on the details of these themes and a lot of attention is placed on the detail in the graphics.

Along with the variety of our online slots and games, we offer a 98% payout rate, no matter which games our clients choose. This means our clients have actual winnings to enjoy. When new users sign up and make their first deposit, we offer a new user sign up bonus, no matter what games they want to play. In addition to the bonuses and payout rate, Win A Day provides four levels or tiers to help clients challenge themselves. Every client starts at the Bronze level and can work his or her way up to the Platinum level.

Our site has four basic game categories, with numerous games within each category, to offer a selection that is both original and great fun for our visitors. These four categories are Online Slots, Penny Slots, Table Games and Video Poker. There are certain characteristics that these games all share and other characteristics that help them stand apart.

Slot Machine Games

The slot games found on Win A Day are colorful and based mostly on exciting fantasy themes. Among the 30 imaginative slot games, players can enjoy Leprechaun Luck, Joker's Tricks, Haunted, Pyramid Plunder, Slot-O-Matic and The Reel De Luxe. These themes are a whimsical mix of casino slot games and fantasy, providing an entire online world for any client to use. More than half of our slot games, such as The Reel De Luxe, have multiple payline slots. The Reel De Luxe offers as many as 25, while games like the Slot-O-Matic only have one. Bets on these slot machine games range from a penny to $200.

Play casino games such as Pyramid Plunder at WinADayCasino.eu!

Penny Slots

Our penny slot games are a mixed adventure of every day themes and computer styled games. These are themes that everyone can relate to and enjoy. Currently, we offer eleven penny slot machine games, with the emphasis placed on fun. We have the Monster Trucks game, the Touch Down football game and the Beauty Salon game, among others. Themes include Aztecs, safaris, Vikings and the Wild West. These also offer multiple paylines, with the least amount being seven and the most paylines for a game being 15. Clients can bets coins or a wild card.

With mobile access, these online slots can be played from any location that provides wireless internet.

Play casino games such as Wild West at WinADayCasino.eu!

Table Games

Our casino table games are among the best in the industry because they offer a realistic game built for computer and mobile use. At Win A Day Casino, we provide our clients with Keno 101 and Power Keno, as well as La Roulette and Roulette 5. These games offer variations on traditional table games for more fun and variety. Keno 101 provides one ticket to play, while Power Keno offers multiple tickets. La Roulette is a European version of the game while Roulette 5 is an American version. Bets for these games range as low as a penny and can go as high as $500.

Play casino games such as Keno 101 at WinADayCasino.eu!

Video Poker

We offer six casino games in this category: Aces and Faces, Power Bonus Double Poker, Deuces Wild Power Poker, Double Double Bonus Poker, Jacks' Show and Jacks or Better. With personal preferences saved to client accounts, our customers can have a go-to source for online slots on their laptop, desktop or mobile. Bets in this category range from a penny to $250.

Play casino games such as Jacks or Better at WinADayCasino.eu!

Our Clients Enjoy Variety

While the online slots and casino games share the same high quality graphics and sound, and the unique qualities that make them Win A Day casino games, they are extremely different in other areas. For example, our penny slots don't require real money, allowing players to bet coins, while our video poker and table games can require as little as a penny or as much as $500 as a pay-in. Our games are highly diverse and highly entertaining. We welcome first time visitors and return clients to discover what Win A Day Casino has to offer them.