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Slot Machine Games and Other Casino Games Analysis

Posted on November 28, 2014

Before you head out to the casino for a fun-filled day or weekend excursion, we feel that it's always important to understand the many different types of games that will be available for you to choose from. One of the best qualities about casinos is just how versatile they really are - there will be something for every type of person, regardless of the games that you like to play or the fun that you're looking to have. Slot machine games, slot games, online slots and more are all popular casino games for people to play. Even though games may share a few striking similarities, however, doesn't necessarily mean that they can be played (or won) in the same ways. Many games that initially appear similar and share common features can still be different in subtle ways that you'll want to know about for the best chance at success.

Common Features

Common features that many different types of games share include the type of the game, the visual style of the game, the game style, the bet range and more. Even if you're looking at two games that fall into the same basic category (like two penny slot machines, for example), doesn't necessarily mean that the rules or even the odds are the same. Even slot machine games in a casino and online slots won't necessarily be the same.

Skill Based Casino Games

As the name of the category suggests, these types of games rely less on luck and more on skill. Skill can be attributed to a few different qualities, like your general understanding of not only the rules but the types of strategies that will be required to win. When it comes to skill, you'll also have to learn more about the habits and knowledge of the people you're playing alongside. Remember that when it comes to a game like blackjack or poker, you aren't playing with everyone else at the table - you're playing against them.

One of the most popular skill based casino games is undoubtedly blackjack, which is a card game that sees all players attempt to get as close to a card value of "21" as possible without going over. The person who is the closest to "21" at the end of any particular hand wins. Success in blackjack involves a general understanding of both your cards and the cards of other players, which will help you determine which cards are left in the deck. By gaining insight into the remaining cards, you can know when to "hit", "stay" and more during play.

Playing blackjack online at Win A Day Casino has a number of benefits that can't be ignored. For starters, you can open your web browser and be playing your game of choice in minutes. You can also play in the comfort of your own home and cut out a lot of the noise that many die hard casino gamblers find so distracting.

Comparatively, poker is also a skill based casino game that is played with cards, albeit in a largely different way. You still need to have an understanding of both the cards that your other players are using and the cards that remain in the deck, but instead of trying to get to "21" you're betting on the "value" of your hand in a different way. To win at poker, you need to have the highest possible hand value at the showdown of a particular game. Unlike in blackjack, it is possible to bluff your way into a win by convincing opposing players that your hand is significantly more valuable than it really is. Though both games require strategy, those strategies do not overlap and must be approached differently for success.

Playing poker on Win A Day Casino removes certain elements of the game that rely less on skill and more on a player's ability to act. You don't have to worry about reading the moods or emotions of your fellow players, for example, because you can't see them through your computer screen the same way you could in person. You also don't have to worry about bluffing if you have a bad hand or taking too much time to make a move. You're playing in an intimate environment - your home - but are still playing against other players in the same way you normally would.

Slot Machine Games

Two basic types of slot games that you'll have available to play at a casino are penny slots and dollar slots. These types of slot games fall into the same basic game type and oftentimes share the same visual style. Slot machines of all types usually have a bold visual element that can include themes ranging from big budget Hollywood movies to Ancient Rome and everything in between. The game style also tends to be the same, where you insert the required amount of money into the game, pull a handle and hope for the best. Slot machines are all similar in that no skill is involved when it comes to winning. Regardless of the specific machine you're playing at, the visual theme or even the amount of money required to play, you're still relying on luck to win the big prize.

Play casino games such as Pyramid Plunder at WinADayCasino.eu!

The major way that these types of games differ has to do with betting range. Penny slots usually have at least 10 to 15 different "lines" that you can bet on, which each one increasing your chances at success. Despite the name "penny slots", it can cost you more than a penny to pull that fabled handle. If you bet 25 lines at one penny each, for example, you're really paying 25 cents for one spin. Because these types of games are cheaper to play, the payouts also tend to be more modest in nature. For a large number of penny slots that are available to play at a casino, you usually stand to win about $1000 at most.

One of the great things about playing slot machine games at Win A Day Casino has to do with the fact that any type of game you want to play is only a mouse click away. If you want to switch up the type of slot machine that you're playing to a different visual theme or buy in, you don't have to spend time walking around the casino until you find the right one.

Dollar slots take the same basic concept to the next level by changing the betting range in a few interesting ways. For example, the total number of lines that are available on a dollar slot machine is usually between two and five. Each line costs a dollar, so playing all five lines in any particular machine would cost $5. Because the cost to buy into these types of games is higher than it is with penny slots, the payouts also tend to increase as a result.

Though dollar slot machines with a $1000 payout are common, you won't have to look hard to find ones that pay out $2500 or even $10,000 for any particular victory. Because the payout is increasing, however, the odds of hitting these types of large jackpots also decreases dramatically as a result. Much like penny slots, however, your chances will increase by playing more lines during a particular spin when compared to playing only one or two lines at a time.

One of the major benefits of the real money online slot machine games that Win A Day Casino offers has to do with the experience. When you play a slot machine in a traditional casino, you're commonly playing on a small screen and are surrounded by noise. Though the game itself may have great music and other production values, it will likely be drowned out by everything going on around you. Playing at Win A Day Casino also gives you a moment to think closely about your next move, as you don't have to think about whether or not you've been on a particular machine for too long, or whether anyone else is waiting for you to move.

Online slots are another variation of slot games that are available to play. As the name suggests, these types of games are traditionally played on the Internet. You will usually compete with one or more people around the world when playing online slots, adding an additional level of luck to the game.