Bonus Poker

A massive game backed by a massive name, this game at Win A Day Casino really lives up to the expectations of the gamers. This game is built for hard-core online poker players with a lot of excitement and incentives associated. It is a game in the realm of professional online poker games and ensures double payback with definite multiplication of the fun quotient. It is the brain child of Slotland Entertainment S.A., coming up with brilliant ideas to engage online gamers in an interesting and profitable loop. With the normal rules of online poker games, the fun part added is that the bonus you earn after attaining a particular hand is doubled.

The best part of this instant play casino game is that if you play strategically, you almost always win. Unlike popular belief, poker is actually a game of numbers and not entirely luck. For the matured gaming public who are want a little something different than the regular slot games, this could be a mind-blowing change giving you an opportunity to make real money online.

Features and Offers

You are offered a unique payoff round where you can double your win, after the total wins accumulated from all hands equals the total betting. This is an optional feature. If you are not interested to take the risk and double your money, the total win amount will be credited to your account immediately, and you can leave the game at any point. If you are feeling lucky however, you can opt for the double poker payoff round.

When you press the double button, you bet your win money from the last hand and you are left with 4 cards with only the first card face up. Your objective is to choose a card with higher value from the facedown cards. If you succeed to do so, you will get double the win amount which will be sent to your account if you decide to collect the win, or else you can bet again to double your money once more.