Enchanted Gems

Enchanted gems is an online slots real money game developed by Win A Day Casino, with a fairy tale theme and real gems on the reels. It is 5-reel game with three exciting bonus features which progresses to a massive jackpot for a minimum of $50,000. It is a 25-line game, and the reel showcases a flying fairy and gem studded frame. It comes with various features to keep the game interesting while aiming for the jackpot amount.

The game starts with betting on the lines. This bet is on the number of lines selected, and they are selected using the pay line selector buttons, "+" to increase and "-" to decrease the number of lines you are betting on. Once you have selected the number of lines, you can choose the betting amount by using the 'bet amount selector' button. The betting range is from $0.05 to $12.50.

The trick is to bet for at least $5 per spin to even have a chance at the maximum jackpot amount. But the interesting part is that to stay above the $5 amount, you can bet only a minimum amount of $6.25 per spin. But it is still advisable to do so, because if you bet lesser and hit the jackpot, you do not receive the full amount.

Bonus Features that Increase your Wins

The Enchanted Gems slot game has three interesting bonus features namely the Wild Bonus, Free Spins, and Pick the Bloom. All these features are activated upon progressively collecting desired numbers of special gems symbols which appear on the reel when you spin. They increase the chances of winning substantially. In the Wild Bonus feature, the fairy in the corner casts a spell to convert any symbol into a wild card thus increasing the chances of forming wining combinations. On the other hand, Free Spins bonus, as suggested by the name, gives you five free spins without charging you a single dollar. The most lucrative feature is the 'Pick the Boom' feature as it allows you to multiply your wining amount by 2000 times under each gem that you turn.