The Great Conflict

Prepare for an epic clash of races in The Great Conflict by Evoplay Entertainment. This 5-reel, 20-payline slot game combines the excitement of MMORPG games with the thrill of gambling. Will you stand with the humans or join the ranks of the orcs? The choice is yours, and the rewards are worth the battle!

The game features four types of wilds and three modes of free spins. When Portal Wild appears with Human/Orc Wild, a corresponding free spin mode activates. But the real action begins when Human, Orc, and Portal Wilds drop on the reels, initiating the ultimate battle of races. It's a test of strategy and fortune as you choose the potential winner. Each winning combination does damage to the opposite party and brings you winnings. And if your prediction proves right, your prize is doubled!

Join Win A Day now and be part of this legendary conflict. Will you emerge as the ultimate champion in The Great Conflict?