Fair Tycoon Online Slot

Fair Tycoon is an online slots real money game that is based in an amusement park, it is colorful and fun to play. As you are betting real money in the game, there is a great chance that you will make good money while playing this exciting game. It has 5-reels and 17 pay lines, and the game progresses towards winning a finale jackpot at the end of the game if you bet correctly. Fortunately, unlike other slot machine games this game offers a spectacular bonus feature.

The theme of the game is based on an amusement park and becoming a Fair Tycoon, with attractive slot symbols like candy, fair treats, clowns, and roses. The ultimate goal of the player is to collect as many scatter symbols as possible to build up an impressive fair ground and win over visitors. The most interesting fairgrounds that attract the maximum number of enthusiastic visitors will win big cash prizes. Various other goals assigned during the game, keep it interesting as you progress towards winning the jackpot.

For every 100 unique visitors who are attracted to your fair ground, you will receive a cash prize of $1 or $0.50 depending on whether you have met your goal or not. More cash prizes can be won when you win the international Fair Tycoon competition along with other great achievements. To continue playing the game, in the event that you hit a non-wining spin, you will have to collect fair credits. Every now and then, a fair credit symbol appears on the reel that will help you accumulate credits. This way you can play longer with lesser bets, and have a fair chance of winning the Fair prizes and the jackpot.

Fair Tycoon is an extremely engaging, and thrilling no download slot game. It will take you back to your childhood while allowing you to win real money along the way.