Fluffy Paws

There is something about pets in general that attract us to them and that is the first thing that attracts player to Fluffy Paws, one of the casino games from Win A Day Casino. What will keep you hooked to the game, are the impressive slots features and opportunities to win, as well as those adorable puppy eyes, the cute kittens, and the lovely pet themed features that everybody loves.

The Slots Basic Features

Fluffy Paws is a five reel slot machine game that you can play online. There are twenty five paylines that offer you a good number of opportunities to score a win. Although this is not a progressive jackpot game, it does offer you good rewards and excellent game play. So, don't turn it down just because this instant play casino slots game is not a progressive. You can win 1500 times your bet and cash in extra winnings in the bonus games. It features expanding wild symbols, free spins with doubled wins and to spice things up even more a Dig It Up Bonus that make the game even more enjoyable.

Pick Your Pet and Your Bonus Game

If you are a pet lover, you will definitely love the special features of this game. You choose which pet will guide you throughout your game, you have three pets that offer you different bonuses at random times throughout the game.

The bunny can award you with ten free spins if it can catch and eat a carrot. Also, if the bunny is heads over heels in love with its beautiful neighbor, you get 5 spins with double wins.

The kitty when selected begins a game of cat and mouse. This chase gives you around 8 free spins and if the kitty gets tired from all the chasing, you get 5 spins and an expanding wild symbol. If you choose the puppy for your slot journey you will be rewarded with free spins and a dig it up bonus game that can multiply your bet up to 200 times!

You will love Fluffy Paws online casino slots game. Go for it, choose your favorite pet and see how rewarding it will be, you will not regret it.