Heavenly Reels Divine Casino Game

Your initial reaction when you begin playing the Heavenly Reels instant play casino slot will be of a divine intervention. Simply put it is a slot that makes you dream of heavenly angels and of treasures to be won. This 3 reel video slots with more than one betting option and excellent graphics will capture your attention. It is connected to the progressive jackpot and a Treasure Box, which is a personal progressive feature for every player.

Main Slot Features

With three reels and four pay lines, the Heavenly Reels instant play casino slot might seem like a classic machine to play, but there is more than what meets the eye. The jackpot feature gives you a chance of winning a minimum of $50,000 if you get lucky and hit the jackpot combination. There is no scatter symbol, but the game does have a wild symbol that can replace any other symbol on a pay line.


The graphics on this game deserves a special mention as it is very well designed. The reels of the slots game appear in a pipe organ. There are both animated and static icons on the interface. The flying pig and all present angels make for a delightful sight.

Bonus Features

Although there is no separate bonus screen on Heavenly Reels, the flying pig boosts your personal treasury, an indication that you have good chances of winning a big pot of real money. When the flying pig makes an appearance on the reels, your wager is added to the Treasure Box, your personal treasure chest that you can make a play for when you crack the heavenly code. The pig is also the symbol for the Wild icon, and it can be used to replace any symbol.

When you look at Heavenly Reels from a gamer's perspective, it is something new and refreshing. The game interface, the additional jackpot features and the impressive graphics, make this Win A Day casino game something different from the rest, something worth trying out.