Jacks or Better Online Video Poker

Jacks or Better is an online video poker game played with the usual set of 52 cards. The game is a simple straightforward adaptation of video poker found at Win A Day Casino. The instant play casino game developed by Slotland Entertainment S.A. is one of the most reliable names in the online gaming world. The game attracts both seasoned and novice players as it is simple to understand and with the use of the right strategy, you can expect to win almost every single time.

How to Play the Game

Jacks or Better is played with a 52 cards deck, where cards are placed in your hand face down, and it pays off if you receive a pair of jacks or better. The game design is as simple as possible, and it does not offer any extra payouts or bonuses like other online casino games do. There are no wild cards and the maximum payout is paid by achieving the winning combination of Royal Flush (10, J, Q, K, and Ace), all belonging to the same suite. The cards are shuffled before every hand is laid, so you know that they come out in a random manner.

Betting Options

You can bet on the hand of cards that you have received using the (+) and the (-) buttons, which will increase or decrease coin sizes used for gambling money in the game. This is the easiest online poker game available. You can bet on one hand or go all in by betting on all 50 hands to increase the number of chances you have at winning. With a max bet of $250 and fifty possible winning hands its is hard not to come out as the winner.

The game enjoys excellent graphics and sound, game speed, software, ease of understanding, game features, and an increased fun factor make Jacks or Better the most popular card game today. Video poker is a good addition to any online casino games selection and if you have never tried playing poker before this game is a brilliant game to start on.