Monster Trucks, Dragster Themed Online Slot

If you are fan of slot games, then the Monster Trucks instant play casino game by Win A Day, will definitely catch your attention. This game has an attractive visual appeal and it is suitable for players who are looking for quality playing time. Being a penny slot, players only need to make minimal wagers on it and can play for hours. With the help of the various multiplier effects in the game, the players can make a lot of money even in this penny slot.

The features of the game

The Monster Trucks has 15 paylines and 5 reels. Since the game is in the penny slot format, all players can make wagers only using pennies in this game. But the bonus rounds of the game are designed in such a way that the player can multiply his or her winnings up to 500 times during the game. The betting feature on this slot is slightly different from regular slots, because the difference between the lowest and the highest wager is not big but it gives you great value for your buck.

The bonus feature on the game is similar to other slot games, wherein you enter the bonus round by accessing scattered symbols on the regular game. At some instances, the player is given free spins as well, after three scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reels. On the basis of the symbol that the players receives, he or she can multiply his or her winnings by 50 times and up to 500 times the original wager.

Free spin feature in the game

The players can win approximately five free spins in this game. In some cases, one free spin leads to multiple free spins as well. But the player cannot get more than 20 free spins during one of the slot games bonus rounds. This game is designed with keeping the fun quotient in mind, so if you want to win real money, while make small wagers this game is perfect for you.