Roulette 5, An American Roulette Game

Individuals who enjoy playing American Roulette can now play it from the comfort of their homes, as Win A Day Instant Play Casino offers this exciting game to all its customers. This game is similar to the Roulette games that are offered in brick and mortar casinos and it allows players to win large amounts of money as well.

Features of the game

If you have played Roulette before, you will be aware of the basic rules of the game. In Roulette, a player needs to place his or her bet on a particular number and the winning amount depends on where the spinning ball stops on the board. In regular casino roulette games, the player can place bets on only one game at a time, but in Roulette 5, the players can place their bets for 5 games in one go.

Players need to choose the wheels that they want to play on, and make there bets accordingly. But keep in mind that you need to make the same bet for all the five wheels and you cannot vary your bet amount. The graphical features of the game are designed in such a way that the player can see the winning numbers clearly and the background music of the game has been designed to increase the intensity of the game.

Promotional offers at Win A Day Casino

Win A Day Casino offers many exciting promotions to all customers and combined with fascinating no download games, players will feel like they are in Las Vegas. The casino hosts contests at regular time intervals, and during these contests, the players can claim bonuses on a variety of games offered by the instant play casino. In addition to this, every player receives a fantastic welcome bonus to help get them started at the games.