Slot-O-Matic, Retro-Themed Slot Machine

The first impression that you get when you load the game Slot-O-Matic is that it may not look as appealing as some of the other new games available in the casino. But, this is just a notion and players must not be too quick to judge this rather retro kind of slot game. With 3 reels as in the traditional slot machines and an extra reel that is activated only in bonus rounds, there may not be much on offer visually. But, there is certain classic appeal to the graphics and game play when you play this vintage-style slot game.

A Deliberately Pixelated Interface

You might feel that the pixelated look is an oversight by the designers, but it has been done deliberately to give the game an 80's look, similar to Pacman styled casino games. The colors and display schemes are brash, but you will get used to the look and will love it, once you play the game.

About Slot-O-Matic

This Win A Day casino slot game is a three-reel single pay line game. This may not excite the avid games of the modern day who are used to playing with as many as 100 paylines or even more. But, you will not notice the lack of paylines when you play as you will have so much fun. The maximum amount that you can win on the regular game is 250 times your bet but with this game being connected to the progressive site Jackpot you can walk away with thousands and thousands of dollars.

Bonus Feature

The bonus feature is triggered when two similar symbols appear on the reels. The bonus is very simple and straightforward. The similar reels are kept constant and the bonus reel spins, giving you another chance to make a matching combination. You can bet from $0.25 to $5 on a single reel at any given point of time, even in the bonus spin feature.

Although Slot-O-Matic may seem like a simple prospect, it offers a very different slot game experience than modern day slot players may never have experienced before. The retro design, the sounds and game play will keep you coming back for more.