Vikings, Nordic Heroes-Themed Penny Slot

"Vikings" is one of the unique slot games that take you on a tour of the frosty world of Norse heroes. With a masculine, big, and bold theme, this instant play casino game is based on daring legendary voyages with ancient weapons, large exploits, and icy waters. You can play this game at Win A Day Casino. Vikings is a game for the brave-hearted players and those interested in adventure.

Betting Options and Symbols

This 15-payline, 5-reel game is among the latest games to be released by Win A Day Casino. It is affordably priced and betting starts from $0.001 and rises up to $0.020. Players can place a maximum bet of 75 coins when playing Vikings. The symbols present in the game are closely relate to the Vikings theme. There are two different Viking symbols, a ship, an ancient stone structure, which looks similar to the Stonehenge, a dagger, a beer mug, a map, a drinking horn and a sledgehammer.

Adventure Away with Vikings

Similar to most games that have been released in the same series by Win A Day Casino, Vikings also offers you great features - graphics, easy game play, low wagers with nice wins. There are no bonus rounds or free spins, but the graphics are intriguing enough to keep you glued to the screen and play for days. The special feature in the game is the wild symbol, which can be replaced with any other symbol, in order to form a winning combination. The symbol, which looks similar to the Stonehenge, is the wild icon.

Vikings is the ideal game for players who are looking for a lot of excitement, along with the opportunity to win a big payout while betting low. The minimal bet size makes the game perfect for new players and those who do not want to risk a large amount of money.