Wheeler Dealer Online Slot

The Wheeler Dealer slot game is one of Win A Day Casino's oldest instant play casino games. It is an 8-payline, 9-reel progressive slot game, where the jackpot starts at $50,000. The maximum bet you can place per line is $4. The progressive jackpot can be won by getting three Cash icons with you maximum bet. The game features a theme based around a wicked banker and the kind and help bank teller and has graphics and sound effects to match this gameplay. Wheeler Dealer is one of the most interesting slot games for slots fans.

You can play the Wheeler Dealer slot game with a low bet that starts at 25 cents, and the bets can be placed on one to eight lines. If a maximum bet is placed on each of the eight lines, the total bet per spin will be $32, making the game perfectly suitable for high rollers.

Free Spin Bonus Round

The free spin round on the Wheeler Dealer slot game can be triggered by lighting up a diamond beside the reels, each time you spot at least three diamonds on your screen. If all of the six diamonds are lit up, you will be awarded with a free spin. The chances of landing six diamonds is high when playing so you will surely be able to secure some good wins.

If you are not too interested in the jackpot, you can use a small trick for the free spin round. For instance, 25 cents can be bet until five diamonds are lit up, after which the bet can be increased to $4 to earn rewards with a limited budget. If the sixth diamond is lit up on a $4 bet, your free spin will be won on a maximum bet, which means you can claim bigger wins.