Buy Bitcoin via Coinbase

Follow the instructions below to buy Bitcoin from Coinbase – a popular, trustworthy site used across the US and abroad.

Get started

Go to on your mobile, desktop or tablet to create an account.

On the main page, enter your email address in the field provided.

Click Get started to begin setting up your account.

Enter your details

Follow the on-screen instructions to provide your details. Make sure you choose a strong password that you will not forget!

Validate your details

You will need your email address, mobile phone and photo identification at hand in order to verify your account.

Don't worry, this is only for the first time you sign in and Coinbase guides you through each stage.

Add a payment method

As soon as your account is set up and verified, you can buy Bitcoin.

Click Trade in the top right corner after signing in. A pop-up window will appear.

Now click Add a Payment Method under the Buy tab to provide your bank card details.

Link your payment method

Pick your preferred payment method, such as a bank account, debit/credit card or Paypal.

We recommend using your Debit card for the fastest transactions. Credit card payments may not be supported.

Fill in your address, then provide your bank card details.

Hit the Add Card button to finalize.

Buy Bitcoin in 3 clicks

Now that your payment method is linked, you can buy more Bitcoin whenever you like.

Simply click the Trade button when signed in to initiate a new transaction.

Choose how much to buy

A screen pops out, asking you first how much Bitcoin you would like to buy in USD.

Enter your desired amount and click Preview purchase. A new screen will show to display that amount in Bitcoin and your payment information.

Check all details then click Buy now to confirm.


You now have Bitcoin in your Coinbase account. Deposit at Winaday with these funds and take advantage of our bigger crypto bonuses! Head to the next step to learn how.