This guide will help you get to know Bitcoin, so you can deposit and withdraw at Winaday with ease.

Buy Bitcoin via Coinbase


Follow the instructions below to buy Bitcoin from Coinbase – a popular, trustworthy site used across the US and abroad.


Get started

Go to on your mobile, desktop or tablet to create an account.

On the main page, enter your email address in the field provided.

Click Get started to begin setting up your account.


Enter your details

Follow the on-screen instructions to provide your details. Make sure you choose a strong password that you will not forget!


Validate your details

You will need your email address, mobile phone and photo identification at hand in order to verify your account.

Don't worry, this is only for the first time you sign in and Coinbase guides you through each stage.


Add a payment method

As soon as your account is set up and verified, you can buy Bitcoin.

Click Trade in the top right corner after signing in. A pop-up window will appear.

Now click Add a Payment Method under the Buy tab to provide your bank card details.


Link your payment method

Pick your preferred payment method, such as a bank account, debit/credit card or Paypal.

We recommend using your Debit card for the fastest transactions. Credit card payments may not be supported.

Fill in your address, then provide your bank card details.

Hit the Add Card button to finalize.


Buy Bitcoin in 3 clicks

Now that your payment method is linked, you can buy more Bitcoin whenever you like.

Simply click the Trade button when signed in to initiate a new transaction.


Choose how much to buy

A screen pops out, asking you first how much Bitcoin you would like to buy in USD.

Enter your desired amount and click Preview purchase. A new screen will show to display that amount in Bitcoin and your payment information.

Check all details then click Buy now to confirm.


You now have Bitcoin in your Coinbase account. Deposit at Winaday with these funds and take advantage of our bigger crypto bonuses! Head to the next step to learn how.

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Deposit at Winaday


Now you have Bitcoin, it is time to transfer it to your Winaday account. Get bigger bonuses every time you deposit!


Start at Winaday

Log in to your Winaday account and click on the Cashier tab.

Select Bitcoin in the list of available methods and click Create.

Confirm by hitting Use this method on the following screen.


Copy the Bitcoin address

Enter the amount you wish to deposit in USD before hitting the Deposit button.

Review the transaction information displayed and click to Copy the Bitcoin address provided, which you need at Coinbase.

Alternatively, scan the QR code with your mobile if you use a mobile wallet for your crypto.


Head to Coinbase

Open a new browser tab and go to Coinbase. Sign in to your account (created in Step 1) and click on the Portfolio button at the top of the page.

This will show you an overview of your cryptocurrencies.

Click on the Bitcoin balance under Your assets.


Enter the deposit amount

On the right, make sure the Send tab is selected.

Enter your desired deposit amount and paste the Bitcoin address (copied from Slotland) to the field below.

Hit Send button to review the transaction.


Complete the transaction

Confirm by hitting the Send now button to initiate the transfer of your Bitcoin funds to your player account at Winaday.


Your funds will appear in your Winaday account momentarily. You are now ready to play after making your first deposit via Bitcoin!

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Withdraw to Coinbase


Won big at Winaday and wish to withdraw?
Well done! Here is how you can transfer the winnings to Coinbase, and enjoy the benefit of next‑day withdrawals.


Start at Coinbase

Sign in to your Coinbase account and click on Portfolio at the top of the page to get an overview of your cryptocurrencies.

Click on the Bitcoin balance under Your assets.

Make sure that you select the desired cryptocurrency: Bitcoin (BTC). Picking an incorrect one could result in loss of funds.


Create Bitcoin address

On the right, make sure the Receive tab is selected.

Click to Copy the Bitcoin address, or scan the QR code on your mobile.


Head to Winaday

Log in to your Winaday Casino account and click on the Cashier menu item.

Select the Withdrawal tab and then the Create button, bottom left.


Use Bitcoin for withdrawals

Select Bitcoin in the list of Withdrawal options, paste the Bitcoin address (copied from Coinbase) to the field on the right and click Create.

Confirm by hitting Use this method on the following screen.


Choose the right amount

Fill in your desired withdrawal amount, then confirm by hitting Confirm transfer button.


You have now initiated a withdrawal in Bitcoin.
All of your crypto withdrawals are processed the next working day!
See the next section for ideas on how to spend your Bitcoin.

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Spending your Bitcoin


Got lucky with a big win?

If you have Bitcoin sitting in your crypto wallet, there are thousands of ways for you to spend it. The world is your oyster with crypto, from buying pizza to booking trips to outer space! Find below the most convenient ways to use your Bitcoin.

Bitcoin ATMs (Fastest!)

There are thousands of Bitcoin ATMs, allowing you to quickly transfer your crypto into fast cash. Check out to find out if there is a Bitcoin ATM near you. (There is a small fee for this service)

Bank card (Most useful!)

You can obtain a physical bank card, connected to your crypto wallet, which works just like any other bank card to pay for goods & services or to withdraw cash.

  • BitPay Card

    Use BitPay as your wallet and turn it into dollars with BitPay's prepaid Visa card.

  • Cash Card

    Send your crypto to CashApp and spend it using their free Visa debit card.


    This Visa Debit card offers attractive rewards, including Spotify & Netflix memberships!

  • Coinbase Card

    Coinbase offers some users the option of a Visa debit card, however this is currently unavailable for US members.

Bank transfer (Cheapest!)

Transfer your crypto directly to your bank account. Availability depends on your location and bank.

Virtual cards

Use your crypto on a gift card to spend at hundreds of popular retailers.


    Purchase gift cards for Amazon, Walmart, Macy's, Home Depot, and many more.


    Available brands include Starbucks, Whole Foods, Nike & eBay.

  • see here

    for a comprehensive list of options

Major online retailers

Crypto is increasingly accepted across a number of online stores, including some you have certainly used before.


    While Amazon does not directly accept Bitcoin yet, you can pay for your next purchase by a 3rd party solution called Purse.


    Buy common household goods with Bitcoin.


    This electronic retail giant accepts Bitcoin payments for most of its stock.


    Purchase your next hotel stay via Bitcoin.

  • see here

    for a comprehensive list of options

Local businesses

Use crypto right on your doorstep! These links show you a variety of Bitcoin friendly locations.


    Search through 15,000+ venues accepting crypto around the world - well, excluding Antarctica!


    Explore real-world places accepting Bitcoin.


    Search through millions of products, offered by hundreds of stores accepting Bitcoin.


If you feel extra generous, you may consider making a tax-deductible donation to a number of worthy causes. Some ideas:

Save for the future

Leave a little in your wallet for times where some extra funds may come in handy. You never know when a good bonus offer may inspire you to deposit back at Winaday to play again!

Remember, you can use both standard match bonuses and crypto specials when you deposit using Bitcoin!

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Coinbase Tips & Tricks


Coinbase is the best choice for most of our players, but there are things to bear in mind when you use it.

Why can't I access Coinbase?

Coinbase may not be available in all locations, and is restricted in certain countries and US states. Click here for a list of restricted & allowed locations.

Can I use credit card?

Due to your location or restrictions at your bank, credit card use may be restricted. Using a debit card is the best option.

Can I change the limits?

Coinbase employs weekly limits, which are subject to change at any time. You may request to have them increased if they seem too low to fit your needs.

How long does it take to deposit?

While it normally only takes seconds for your Bitcoin deposit to show in your Winaday account, at times it can take longer. Contact our support team if your deposit is not credited within an hour of sending the funds from Coinbase.

Why is the verification so long?

Before your very first purchase you do have to provide personal information. This is nothing to worry about, this extended verification process is only necessary once. It takes a matter of minutes and all of your information is secure. Once done, you can purchase Bitcoin instantly.
TIP: Have your phone ready as well as one of the following: passport, driver's license, or an ID card before you start.

Can I use bank transfer?

If you like planning ahead, funding your Coinbase account via bank transfer or ACH transfer is a cost-effective solution. Be aware that it can take a few days for the transaction to fully complete.

Do I send to an email address?

Coinbase allows you to send Bitcoin (BTC) to an email address rather than a Bitcoin address, but please do not use this feature. Only send funds to Winaday via the address provided in the Cashier.

Need instant help?

Coinbase Support may sometimes be overloaded. If this happens, seek help from our support team who can reply instantly.

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