Please note that as of June 14, 2023, Binance.US has discontinued support for USD. This means that they will no longer accept USD fiat deposits and process USD fiat withdrawals as they transition to a crypto-only exchange. Current updates can be found on their status page status page.

1. Buy Bitcoin via Binance

Follow the instructions below to buy Bitcoin via Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange.


Get started

Visit on your mobile or desktop. If you are accessing from outside the USA, use, but please note that it may differ from this guide.

Click on the Get started button top right.


Enter your details

On the registration page, fill in your email address and a password (min of 8 characters long, containing at least 1 number and 1 UPPER case letter), and click Create account.

Make sure you choose a strong password that you will not forget!


Confirm your email

Go to your inbox to find an email from Binance containing your verification code.

Copy the code from the email and enter it in the Activation code field on the registration page and confirm by pressing Activate account.

If you cannot find the email, it may be in your Promo, Spam or Junk folder.


Secure your account

You will now be prompted to secure your account by enabling SMS Authentication.

Click Secure Account to continue, and proceed by entering your cell phone number and clicking Send Code.

On the next screen, enter the code that you were sent via SMS and continue by clicking Enable Authentication.

Note that by clicking ‘Skip for now’ you won’t be able to make any crypto transactions.


Verify Your Identity

Now you will need to verify your identity. Don't worry, this is only done for the first time you sign in and Binance walks you through each stage. Click Verify Identity to start.

You will need an ID card, such as driver’s license, your Tax ID/SSN, mobile phone and photo identification at hand in order to verify your account.

Basic verification normally takes no time at all, while Full verification (required for buying crypto using a bank card, for example) may take a day or so.


Add a payment method

Now that you’re fully verified, you can buy Bitcoin.

To do so, click Deposit on the dashboard of your Binance.US account, then Add a New Account on the next screen.


Link your payment method

Among payment methods available, such as a ACH transfer, domestic wire or a debit card, we recommend using your Debit card for the fastest transactions.

Select Debit Card, enter your bank card details, and click the Add Card button.

Optionally, verify your card by typing in a 4-digit code found in your internet banking on a temporary small charge by Binance.US.

Pease note that credit card payments are not supported at the time of writing.


Buy Bitcoin in 3 clicks

On the dashboard of your Binance.US account click Buy Crypto top left, next enter your desired amount and click Preview purchase.

Make sure that you select the desired cryptocurrency: Bitcoin (BTC), while leaving One-time purchase selected.

A new screen will show to display that amount in Bitcoin and your payment information.

Check all details, with your debit card selected as a preferred payment method, then click Buy BTC to confirm.


You now have Bitcoin in your Binance.US account. Deposit at Winaday with these funds and take advantage of our bigger crypto bonuses! Head to the next step to learn how.

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2. Deposit at Winaday

Now you have Bitcoin in your Binance.US account, it is time to transfer it to your Winaday account. Get bigger bonuses every time you deposit!


Start at Winaday

Log in to your Winaday account and click on the Cashier tab.

Then select Bitcoin in the Deposit menu.


Copy the Bitcoin address

Click Copy Address button to copy Bitcoin address provided, which you need at Binance.US.

Alternatively, scan the QR code with your mobile if you use a mobile wallet for your crypto.


Head to Binance.US

Open a new browser tab and go to Binance.US. Sign in to your account (created in Step 1) and select Withdraw option under Wallet menu item.


Send funds

Select BTC as the cryptocurrency you would like to transfer from Binance, paste the Bitcoin address (copied from Winaday) into the recipient field and enter the desired deposit amount before hitting the Submit button.

In some cases Binance might ask you to choose the Bitcoin network. Please note that the Bitcoin network field should auto-update on pasting the BTC address from Winaday, so just double check Bitcoin (BTC) network is selected before proceeding.


Confirm the transfer

Now check your mail, open the email titled Withdraw Request Confirmation, verify that it is your intended transaction, and then click Confirm Withdraw to proceed with the transfer of your BTC deposit from Binance to Winaday.


Your funds will appear in your Winaday account momentarily. You are now ready to play after making your first deposit via Bitcoin!

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3. Withdraw to Binance

Won big at Winaday and wish to withdraw? Well done! Here is how you can transfer the winnings to Binance, and enjoy the benefit of next-day withdrawals.


Start at Binance

Sign in to your account at Binance.US and and select Deposit option under Wallet menu item.


Copy the Bitcoin address

Select BTC as the cryptocurrency you would like to transfer from Winaday to Binance and click to copy the Bitcoin address, or scan the QR code on your mobile.

Make sure that you select the desired cryptocurrency: Bitcoin (BTC). Picking an incorrect one could result in loss of funds.


Head to Winaday

Log in to your Winaday account and click on the Cashier menu icon.

Next, select Bitcoin from Withdrawal options.


Enter Bitcoin Address

Now paste the Bitcoin address (copied from Binance) in the field provided and click on the Save button.


Choose the right amount

Finally, fill in your desired withdrawal amount and confirm by hitting Withdraw.

The sum of your withdrawal will be transferred to the withdrawal fund, offering an option to reverse it.


You have now initiated a withdrawal in Bitcoin.
All of your crypto withdrawals are processed the next working day!
See here for ideas on how to spend your Bitcoin.

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4. Binance Tips & Tricks

Is Binance.US available in my area?

Binance.US accounts are NOT available to users residing in several US states, at the time of writing consisting of:
Hawaii (HI), Idaho (ID), Louisiana (LA), New York (NY), Texas (TX), Vermont (VT)

For the up-to-date list see here.

Can I use credit card?

Binance.US doesn't allow credit card purchases at the time of writing. We recommend using debit cards.

Can I change the limits?

Debit card have a max limit of $1,000 on deposits per day. If you are looking for higher limits on deposits, please consider using ACH or Wire Deposit instead.

What network should I use?

When funding your Winaday account and transferring Bitcoin from Binance to Winaday, Binance might ask you to choose the Bitcoin network.

Bitcoin network field should auto-update on pasting the BTC address from Winaday, just double check Bitcoin (BTC) network is selected before proceeding.

Can I withdraw funds from Binance.US to my bank account?

For withdrawal options Binance.US offers wire or ACH. Withdrawing via domestic wire is a cost- effective option if you are seeking to withdraw from fiat. Wire Withdrawals are $15 and processed by Prime Trust, making it cheaper than some alternative methods.

Are my deposits to Binance.US insured?

All U.S. dollar deposits at Binance.US are held at custodial bank accounts and insured up to $250,000 for bank failure by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.

Although cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance.US are not covered in case of a brokerage failure, unauthorized trading or theft.

Can I use an app instead?

There is a useful mobile Binance app, available for iOS & Android devices, and a desktop app for PC, Mac or Linux. An update in December 2020 means that live price tracking, automated recurring buys and more customizable features are now supported on mobile and desktop.

Are there any more resources available?

Resourceful help section available here, or crypto academy here.

Why Binance?

Binance is currently the most popular cryptocurrency exchange in the world, when measuring exchange volume. It is a valuable resource for cryptocurrency players in the USA and beyond.

Here is more information about opening an account at,

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