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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What are the minimum system requirements?

You need the following system to be able to play Win A Day Casino: 1GHz CPU, 1GB of RAM, 512kbps Internet connection or faster. If your Internet connection is slower, you will still be able to play, but loading game time will be slower. If your computer is slowed down when playing, we recommend to switch to the 'Low' quality mode where available (right-click anywhere on the screen and navigate to the 'Quality' option to change quality mode). Reducing the size of your web browser may also help.

You can also play our casino games on your mobile or tablet device using Android 4 or higher and iOS 7 or higher. For the best mobile experience, we recommend devices that have at least 1GB of RAM using the latest system software.

Is all my information secure?

Win A Day Casino has invested in state-of-the-art security technology to ensure your financial transactions and your privacy are 100% secure. All your transactions will be processed using secure encryption, the same encryption is used when communicating with servers and for protecting your account information.

We are committed to providing a safe and secure environment for gaming and employ complex algorithms and mechanisms as well as strict procedures to ensure that your transactions and privacy is maintained at all times. Thus, your account information and transactions are absolutely secure by the technology we use, our software and sophisticated security measures.

What is the payback of your slot machines?

The payback of our slot machines is 98%. This means we give back 98% of all the money put into our machines, giving our players longer playing time and bigger wins!

How are the odds created for the game?

Our games have been designed by software experts to perform just like its counterparts in land-based casinos. The random number generator used in Win A Day's proprietary software has been tested and found to conform with the results of similar games found in Atlantic City with respect to randomness and payout frequency. For your protection, all wagers at Win A Day are recorded and there is a complete audit trail available on all games that are played.

How can I verify that you are honest?

Win A Day is fair and honest. We wouldn't last very long as a business if we made a practice of cheating our players. Besides this, our company's accounts are revised and audited regularly by an independent body. Win A Day is a licensed operation and as in the case of all casinos, browser malfunctions void play. In the case of a dispute, any wins will be paid at the discretion and consideration of Win A Day. Upon further request, Win A Day will readily provide the records for the wager(s) in question.

The creators of Win A Day Casino have experience in operating Slotland casino since 1998. During this time, Slotland.eu has gained respect for superb customer service, reliable and quick payouts and fairness of games.

How old must I be to play?

Access to our games is restricted to players eighteen (18) years of age or older.

Is Internet gambling legal?

Laws relating to gambling and specifically Internet gambling vary greatly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. You are responsible for determining the legality of Internet gambling where you live and abiding by those laws. Win A Day will not be held liable if the law in the location where you intend to play or are playing prohibits this type of activity.

How can I contact you?

If you have any questions, please feel free to send your inquiries directly to us at info@winadaycasino.eu or click on the Live Chat button at the bottom right corner of your screen to immediately get in touch with us. We will gladly help you with any concerns you may have.

Account Questions

How can I register an account?

To open a new account click on the 'Join Here' button or on Register in the top menu. Fill in the form and click on 'Register Now' to complete your registration. You are now set to make your first real money deposit.

How can I change my password?

To change your password, log in to your account and click on the "Profile" tab in the lobby or click on your username to access your Profile page. Now click on the "Edit" button in the Profile window to change your password.

I lost my password and username. How do I recover it?

To retrieve your password and username, click on the Log In button to access the form. Then click on "Forgot your password/username?" and follow the instructions.

How can I change my account information?

To change or update your account information log in to your account and click on the "Profile" tab in the lobby or click on your username to access your Profile page. Now click on the "Edit" button in the window to make any necessary changes.


What deposit and withdrawal methods can I use at your casino?

We accept a variety of payment methods that allow you to choose what is more suitable for your needs. For more information on payment methods please check our banking page or log in to your account and go to the cashier section to see which method are available for your location.

Where can I make a deposit or withdrawal?

Log in to your account and go to the 'Cashier' section, where you will find the deposit and withdrawal forms. First add a deposit or withdrawal method you wish to use in your account. Then proceed to enter a deposit amount if you are depositing and confirm the transfer with your password. Use the arrows on the withdrawal form to move cash between your available balance and your withdrawal fund.

What are the advantages of using cryptocurrencies to play at Winaday?

Cryptocurrencies offer unparalleled speed and security when making transactions online, and are increasingly popular for casino players worldwide. Here at Winaday your deposits are near instant and withdrawals are processed the very next working day. You can trade digital currencies in just the same way that dollars are used online. To start, check out our simple guides: Bitcoin, Litecoin,

Where and how can I claim bonuses?

All bonuses must be redeemed using valid bonus codes. Codes to redeem match bonuses must be claimed BEFORE making a deposit.

To claim a bonus log in to your account and go to the 'Cashier' section, where you will find the 'Bonus Code' form. Enter a valid code into the respective field and click on the Redeem button, if the code entered is valid you can then view all the bonus terms. You can also cancel a bonus here but only if the bonus in questions has not already been used for play. By claiming a bonus you agree to all the bonus terms as well as bonus rules stated in the Terms and Conditions.

How can I check the status of my withdrawal?

After logging in to your account go to the Cashier section and click on the Withdrawal tab, here you can view the date of the new withdrawal processing date as well as the status of any withdrawal that is being processed.

Is it possible to reverse my withdrawal back to my cash balance?

Yes, you can reverse your withdrawal in the Cashier. Simply use the arrows to move the cash between your withdrawal fund and cash balance. Look out for any notes on the page, they will guide you through the process. Withdrawals made from a max cash out bonus cannot be reversed back to your cash balance and will be processed on the next possible withdrawal day.

What are comp points and how do they work?

Whenever you play our casino games or participate in special promotions you can earn points that can then be converted into rewards. For every $10 you bet on the games you will earn up to 3 comp points depending on what game you play and your player status. Currently, you can convert your points into cash but more conversions will be offered in the future. Log in to your account and go to the Cashier to make your conversions and to review detailed information on the comp points.


How do I enter a tournament at Win A Day Casino?

Simply check what tournament is currently running and start playing any of the games featured in the tournament. You must play in 'real play' mode to be automatically entered into a tournament.

What determines who the winner is?

The winner of any tournament is the player with the highest score when the tournament ends. Each player has a set amount of rounds that they can use to gain points. All scores are continuously updated throughout the tournament and are displayed on the leaderboard.

How is the score calculated?

Slots: Each winning payline receives 1 point.

Video Poker: Each hand in video poker counts as one round in the tournament, Each winning hand receives 1 point.

How do I collect my winnings?

At the end of each tournament the leaderboard will display the final scores and all winners will be informed of their win within 8 hours after the tournament ends.