5 hrs Patricia M. $1,868 Open Season
5 hrs Craig L. $1,605 Dark Knight
21 hrs Leah L. $873 Dark Knight
2 days Stacy R. $1,050 Dark Knight
2 days John M. $1,130 Zodiac
2 days Eric V. $1,000 Gangster Affair
2 days Warlesea F. $2,005 Dark Knight
4 days Melisa R. $1,406 Zodiac
50 min Walwala N. 252x bet Safari Park
50 min Ramona G. 250x bet Aztec Adventure
51 min Brandon F. 300x bet Aztec Adventure
52 min Andrea S. 400x bet Alice in Halloweenland
54 min Casandra M. 600x bet Leprechaun Luck
56 min Barbara P. 300x bet Dark Knight
56 min Kendall G. 400x bet Leprechaun Luck
56 min Dawn R. 426x bet Coin Rush

Player testimonials

A fair, honest, and professional business. There are many players out there searching for the peace of mind and integrity that accompanies a reputable site such as Winaday. I want to thank all employees, top to bottom, for the stellar service provided." By Robert H.
I have been playing Winaday for a long time and you are my favorite. I have basically stopped playing most of my other casinos and WinADay is the ONE. By Carole L.
"The games at Win A Day are so different to other casinos, they have so many unique features that really make them stand out! I will return to play here over and over again. When you combine the wonderful games, superior customer support and terrific daily promotions it's a no brainer. Win A Day is a winner for me!" By Laurie K.
"I enjoy all of your games, it is difficult to to pick ONE favorite! I get bored quickly with other casinos but at Win A Day I just want to keep playing - its what a casino should be! As if that's not enough, the frequent bonuses, contests, tournaments, and other promotions keep me coming back to be a part of all the FUN! Win A Day, thank you!" By Brandy M.

Play WinADayCasino.eu's Instant Casino Games and Start Winning Now!

When you sit down to play a casino game, what is it that you want to do the most? Win, of course! With WinADayCasino.eu, you can start winning immediately because we offer you instant casino games by just signing up and logging on. There is no software to download, so you can just sign up and start playing! Plus, you can do all of this right in your very own home on your computer. You do not have to travel to Vegas to experience the excitement of winning on WinADayCasino.eu.

Play Fruitful 7s slot machine and other casino games at Win A Day Casino! Play Fair Tycoon slot machine and other casino games at Win A Day Casino!

WinADayCasino.eu offers you a whole slew of superb casino games that you can start to play in seconds. Casino games such as the new "Fruitful 7s" are among our most popular casino games. This is one of our slot games that is designed in the traditional pub-style with the classic fruit symbols - cherries, lemons, 7s and bars. It has up to 500x payouts and 2500x payouts on the bonus rounds. Another new slot machine we offer is the "Fair Tycoon". This bonus game allows you to build your very own amusement park. It is a five-reel slot machine that has 17 payouts plus a Premium Game where the players can become a rich tycoon.

Another one of our newer slot games let you role play as an ancient tomb raider. The "Pyramid Plunder" instant casino game takes you on an adventure where you can discover hidden treasures inside the pyramid. This is a five-reel, 25 payline slot machine game. There are also three bonus opportunities.

Play Jacks Or Better video poker and other instant casino games at Win A Day Casino! Play Win A Fortune slot machine and other instant casino games at Win A Day Casino!

Of course what casino game selection would be complete without some video poker? Our new video poker game, "Jacks or Better", offers you the chance to play up to 50 hands at once and also features a special double-or-nothing bonus round. Many players at WinADayCasino.eu have enjoyed our other video poker games such "Jack's Show", "Bonus Poker", and "Deuces Wild". All of these are guaranteed to give you the same level of excitement you would get at a Vegas casino except that it is an instant casino!

If you like TV's "Wheel of Fortune" game, then you will love one of our most recent additionas called "Win A Fortune." Excitement is the name of this instant casino game with a double-or-nothing Double Bonus Round and a Fortune Wheel with Wild symbols with up to 5x multipliers. Extra bonuses are available every time a new game is launched, so players can take extra bonuses to a new game.

Come and sign up at WinADayCasino.eu today and start getting in on the excitement of playing instant casino games! We are a no download casino and you can start playing immediately as soon as you sign up. Don't waste another minute - sign up today!

Keep Your PC Clean With an Instant Casino

Instant casino is a no download casino which lets you play online casino games instantly without having to download any software. Another major advantage is that you don't risk installing any malicious software or viruses on your computer. It is arguably one of the safest forms of online casino play. Instant casino play means not only increased security for players, but also faster and more convenient access to online casino games. No download necessary means you can play instantly within seconds. You can test many games in a short time without having to clog your hard drive with multiple casino installations.

Instant Play Casino

Instant casino does not install anything on your hard drive, except for a very small amount of temporary internet files in your internet browser cache. Extra careful users can even clear their browser cache and delete all temporary files completely, so there will be no trace of the casino left on their computer. Instant online casinos are becoming increasingly popular among online casino players. The most often used technology is Flash technology, followed by Java and HTML.

Looking at Instant Casino Games

Flash and Java technology solutions which are used for building instant casinos allow players to play online casino games in rich in graphics, animations and sounds. This technology allows virtually the same - if not better - design and graphics than classical download software, which requires installation. Win A Day casino and other cutting edge instant play casinos take full advantage of all possibilities and offer games that are action-packed, animation-rich, and feature rich, using crisp graphics and superior audio effects. The games are built using a 3D design which adds extra realism and players have a more realistic feeling of a Vegas-like experience.

Instant Casino Bonus Offers

Instant casinos offer bonuses comparable to their download software counterparts. That means new players enjoy attractive signup bonuses, and existing players are treated with various promotions. Win A Day casino offers a generous 100%% signup match bonus to all new real players. They also offer a play for free mode, where you can try the games without making a deposit.

Featured Video:

Play for Fun or Play for it All at Win A Day's Instant Casino

Are you the type of person who plays casino games for fun or are you always in it to win it? No matter what kind of gaming personality is found within you, you'll gain the opportunity to enjoy never-ending fun and win tons and tons of cash by playing at Win A Day's instant casino.

For other online casino news, visit onlinecasinonews.com.

Instant Casino Featured Article:

Three Must Know Tips For Instant Casino Success

It's common for casino newbies to rush into their first gaming experience half-heartedly; expecting an instant casino win without the necessary tools to enjoy a positive outcome. But, Win A Day Casino wants new players to walk away with winnings in hand and smiles on their faces. Helping customers to enjoy a first-rate gaming experience is extremely important so here we offer these "must know" tips for success.

1. Know Your Game

With a head-spinning variety of no download instant play games to choose from at Win A Day Casino, it's hard to know where to start. The many exciting casino games are as intuitive as they are attractive and you'll want to try them all. There is, however, a game best suited to each individual player and you should concentrate on the one you most naturally gravitate to. Really digging in and learning the intricacies of your go-to game will increase your chance of winning. Don't waste time playing to learn. Take your time and learn to play first.

Play casino games such as Beauty Salon at WinADayCasino.eu!

2. Know Your Odds

Often, games that offer a player the power of choice increase the likelihood of success. For instance, players might try their luck on Win A Day's "Roulette 5" knowing they have a 3% chance of nailing a 35:1 spin. That's a mega payout. The same player, however, might decide to hold back and bet the color. Sure, the payout drops 1:1 but your probability of winning increases up to almost fifty-percent on that manner of betting. The power of choice is a key factor in roulette. Slots on the other hand, eliminate some decision making ability but odds remain the same over the course of play because sophisticated algorithms generate perfectly random sequences. As such, you will enjoy a set winning probability of, say 6-10%, on your play all day. I recommend trying your luck on "Vikings penny slots" the next time you visit Win A Day Casino.

Play casino games such as Vikings at WinADayCasino.eu!

3. Know Your Budget

Good gamblers have a budget and a plan. Most importantly, they obey their plan and budgets dutifully. Instant casino success is possible without planning, however, sustaining a long track record of winning isn't possible without setting and sticking to some hard and fast self-set rules of play. Determine a daily loss limit and don't bet your bank roll in a moment of heated play. Keeping a cool head and knowing your numbers will yield good results and that level of self-discipline will replicate future casino success.

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