1 day Ryan B. $946 Eight Unicorns
1 day Rebecca R. $800 Double Bonus Poker
1 day Barbara S. $920 Neon Reels
2 days Rachel F. $961 Amore
2 days Lee N. $1,600 Double Bonus Poker
4 days Nathan F. $991 Year 3000
5 days Walwala N. $1,147 Phantom of the Opera
6 days Caryn H. $1,500 Alice in Wonderland
3 hrs Chelsea T. 320x bet Eight Unicorns
3 hrs Soumya R. 276x bet Eight Unicorns
3 hrs Sor V. 275x bet Aztec Adventure
3 hrs Patricia M. 320x bet Eight Unicorns
4 hrs Joseph R. 234x bet Castle Siege
4 hrs Gary G. 200x bet Monster Trucks
4 hrs Janis B. 457x bet Eight Unicorns
4 hrs Jennifer K. 354x bet Vegas Mania

Player testimonials

I don't know why I sometimes play at other online casinos as they don't come close to yours. Winaday casino makes it so easy and simple if you ever take advantage of a promotion or bonus. Everything you want in an online casino is at Winaday casino! By James S.
A fair, honest, and professional business. There are many players out there searching for the peace of mind and integrity that accompanies a reputable site such as Winaday. I want to thank all employees, top to bottom, for the stellar service provided." By Robert H.
"I have cashed out at other places but you made the process unbeatable, you kept me informed throughout and all this at no cost to me. My new saying about your casino is “Why play with the rest, when you can play at the best!” Win A Day/Slotland casinos an experience you will never forget." By Cledith A.
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Seven Excellent Progressive Jackpot Slot Games from Win A Day Casino

There are tons and tons of progressive slot machine games online. However, one of the favorite websites to play casino games is decidedly Win A Day Casino. Why? They have dozens of different types of slot games to choose from, with many of them linked to a site-wide progressive jackpot. Best of all, they are online slots for real money. Here are the top seven favorite casino games at this site.

#1: Busted

Busted is an online slot game that features a whimsical cops-and-robbers theme. It has seventeen paylines and a super fun bonus game. Bets range from $0.01 to $68 per spin. Winning the progressive jackpot is simple. All you have to do is hit five 'safe' symptoms on any payline. The caveat to this, though, is that you have to place a minimum bet of $5 to be eligible. What is liked most about this casino game is the 'double up' feature, which is triggered anytime the double symbol shows up on the fifth reel and doubles your winnings.

#2: Chinatown

Chinatown is another one of Win A Day Casino's online slots. This real money game has stunning Asian-inspired graphics and a total of 21 possible paylines. Bets range from $0.02 to $84 per spin. If you bet at least $5 on a single spin and hit five 'bronze head' symbols, you will win the site-wide progressive jackpot that is shared amongst all of Win A Day's slot machine games. However, the best part about Chinatown is its expanding 'wild' symbol and free spins. The expanding 'wild' symbol turns the whole reel into a wild reel, giving you a great chance at winning quite a bit of cash anytime this happens.

Play casino games such as Chinatown at WinADayCasino.eu!

#3: Enchanted Gems

Enchanted Gems is a 'magically' fun progressive slot game that includes an adorable fairytale theme. With 25 possible paylines, it offers one of the greatest chances at winning a jackpot out of all the Win A Day Casino slot games. Betting begins at $0.05 per spin and maxes out at $12.50. Again, you must bet at least $5 to be eligible for the site-wide progressive jackpot, but there is a catch to this. With this particular game, to stay above the minimum eligibility threshold means making a minimum bet of $6.25 per spin. While this does upset some players, it is actually a good thing due to the high number of paylines Enchanted Gems offers.

#4: Fair Tycoon

Fair Tycoon is definitely one of Win A Day Casino's most unique progressive slot games. This game features a colorful amusement park format and a total of 17 paylines. The overall goal of the game is to collect scatter symbols, which allow you to 'build' up your fairground and attract unique 'visitors'. While this is basically just a term used to describe a collection of different tokens, it is a unique take on more traditional slot machine games that makes Fair Tycoon incredibly engaging. It is also a game that gives you long-term play, meaning you can spend hours building up your game over the course of one of more sittings. Minimum bets start at $0.05 and go up to a $68 maximum.

#5: Gold Boom

Gold Boom is one of Win A Day Casino's simpler online slots. This progressive game, like all of the ones mentioned, is tied into the site-wide jackpot. It offers three reels for a total of six paylines, with a minimum bet of $0.25 and a maximum bet of $18. Winning the progressive jackpot entails spinning three gold symbols, which keeps with the mining theme of the overall game. If you are searching for an uncomplicated and straightforward slot option, Gold Boom is the perfect one for you.

#6: Jackpot Jinni

Have you ever wanted your own magic genie? Well, you might not get that with Win A Day Casino's Jackpot Jinni, but you will believe you've come close. This five reel, 18 payline game gives players the chance to win the site-wide progressive jackpot. Betting ranges from $0.05 per spin to a maximum of $36. The cash icon in this game acts as a scatter symbol, and the overall goal is to collect five Jinni lamp symbols to trigger bonus spins. Plus, the cute Arabian-themed design is easy on the eyes. This fun real money casino game is a great choice for those looking for exciting bonus rounds.

Play casino games such as Jackpot Jinni WinADayCasino.eu!

#7: Heavenly Reels

Finally, you'll think that the cash just started flowing from the heavens above with Win A Day Casino's Heavenly Reels slots game. This progressive jackpot game features an ethereal theme and simple interface. With four paylines and two spins per bet, you will enjoy the basic style of this slot machine game. But, the best part about this particular slot is the jackpot round it offers -- with a minimum win of $50,000 if you get the right combination of jackpot symbols. While there is no specific bonus round, the jackpot itself is reason enough to play. The graphics in this game are also quite imaginative, with the reels appearing as part of a church pipe organ.

While these are only seven of the many online slots that Win A Day Casino offers, they are one of the best. Check their game selection regularly though, as they constantly add new games to their already impressive portfolio. This website is known for its no-download casino games and massive progressive wins. It isn't unusual for players to win thousands of dollars -- in real money -- during certain tournaments or through the site-wide progressive jackpot.

In all, if you are looking for a website that offers the chance to play for real cash, has engaging slot games, excellent graphics, and is actually enjoyable to use, Win A Day Casino is the perfect spot for you.