1 day Troy G. $4,136 Dark Knight
1 day Rebecca R. $800 Double Bonus Poker
2 days Nancy L. $750 Forest Fairy Fortune
4 days Briana H. $700 Air Mail
4 days Marianna K. $604 Bewitched
5 days Walwala N. $936 Forest Fairy Fortune
6 days Erin K. $1,000 Red Lion
6 days Debbie C. $876 Gangster Affair
9 hrs Kristin W. 255x bet City Girls
10 hrs Frances B. 360x bet Qubes
10 hrs Jay F. 268x bet Full Bloom
11 hrs Stephen C. 215x bet Zodiac
11 hrs Sandra T. 367x bet Vegas Mania
11 hrs Nicole M. 300x bet Chinatown
11 hrs Erin K. 394x bet Vegas Mania
11 hrs Daniel O. 290x bet Coin Rush

Player testimonials

"The games at Win A Day are so different to other casinos, they have so many unique features that really make them stand out! I will return to play here over and over again. When you combine the wonderful games, superior customer support and terrific daily promotions it's a no brainer. Win A Day is a winner for me!" By Laurie K.
Out of all the casinos I have played at, having played for many, many years now, Winaday is by far the best. And has the BEST of everything! The games are top notch and have great payouts. By Jeanne F.
The support agents have an exceptional talent, always cheerful and genuine, by far the top representatives in the online business. They are the best when it comes to reminding players of Promotional and Bonus Specials! By Joyce B.
A fair, honest, and professional business. There are many players out there searching for the peace of mind and integrity that accompanies a reputable site such as Winaday. I want to thank all employees, top to bottom, for the stellar service provided." By Robert H.

Multiple Slot Machine Games that Give Players a Personalized Experience

When playing slot games at our online casino Win A Day Casino, no two experiences are exactly the same. The sheer number of available real money casino games allows players to create an experience that is fun and exciting, yet personalized - all thanks to the number of features available.

The diverse features available on our online slots allow players to enjoy a personalized online casino experience, all while potentially winning big. Personalized experiences are created by choosing from a variety of slot titles that include various betting ranges, gaming styles, and visual effects.

Players who are unsure exactly what casino experience they are looking to create will find this brief overview of casino games helpful. This quick overview will help players find titles to try out by comparing popular gaming features that can be found on some of our 20 plus available instant play slot machine games at Win A Day Casino.

Old Style Slots vs. New Glitzy Glamorous Slots

Most online slots are either modeled after 'old school' style slot machine games or incorporate 3-D graphics for a new, glitzy glamorous approach to slots. These features are eye-catching and one of the main things used to attract betters to a particular title.

Titles, such as Slot-O-Matic, Slot 21, and Fruitful 7s bring favorite old school style slot machines to an online casino venue. These online slot titles incorporate fruit symbols and numbers, a favorite feature once found on older pull-handle slot machines, but do so in a modern way.

Slot-O-Matic is the ultimate online game for those wishing to take a step back in time. The simple 1 payline, 3 row column reel design is reminiscent of some of the first penny slots. A digital background track enhances the retro feel of this game and encourages betters to get caught up in the game and go for that big payout.

Slot 21 and Fruitful 7s have successfully modernized the older slot machine games, while keeping the experience the same for those that wish to take a step back in time and play older Vegas style games. Using bright, vibrant colors, progressive jackpots, and loud sounds, these titles are just as attractive as their modern slot machine counterparts, but have an elegant simplicity that makes it a favorite amongst betters looking to win big without all the thrills and frills.

Play casino games such as Fruitful 7s at WinADayCasino.eu!

Players looking for a more modern, glitzy casino experience will enjoy trying out some of the themed online slots found at Win A Day Casino. There are all types of new experiences just waiting to be explored with the newer, more modern titles. Players can explore the Amazon, travel through Wonderland, become a contestant on a game show, or prance with cute puppies without ever leaving home.

The modern titles found at our instant play casino, such as Enchanted Gems, Alice in Wonderland, and Fluffy Paws use enhanced graphics to create a whole new experience. The enhanced graphics allow players to interact with the slots of their choosing. The multiple themes available mean that there is sure to be a title available that will truly appeal to all players.

The Appeal of the Bonus Game

Bonus games on slots are alluring to players. Not only are they fun and interactive, but they give players the chance to double, triple, and possibly quadruple their winnings.

There are a number of different bonus games that are featured on the titles at Win A Day Casino. Some of the bonus games that are available include:

  • Multiple free spins
  • Pick me bonus
  • Bonus spins on prize wheels

Most bonus games are pre-determined by the slot machine that is being played. Dollar Storm, Enchanted Gem, and Grand Liberty, for example, all offer bonus game opportunities, but the feature is the same for every bonus triggered.

Some titles, such as Fluffy Paws and Haunted, allow the player to have control over the bonus game. Fluffy Paws allows players to create a unique playing experience by choosing one of three bonuses to try for, while Haunted allows for players to pick from a random selection of features.

Win Big with Progressive Jackpots

All slot titles provide players with the opportunity to win big if they are lucky enough to 'hit' the right winning combo, but a select few titles offer a rare opportunity to cash in on huge jackpots with the progressive jackpot feature.

Progressive jackpots on slot games are designed to keep increasing the prize amount until one lucky player spins the reels and hits the winning combo. When the winning combo is hit, the individual wins that amount - no matter how high it is - and the jackpot is reset to a pre-determined amount. After the reset, the jackpot starts increasing again.

The chance to win such a huge amount with a single spin is appealing to many individuals. After all, the jackpot just keeps increasing and increasing until someone wins it.

Those that wish to enhance their online casino experience with progressive jackpots may want to consider trying the following titles:

  • Busted!
  • Chinatown
  • Fair Tycoon
  • Enchanted Gems
  • Gold Boom
  • Grant Liberty
  • Jackpot Jinni

Other titles may have a jackpot that is many times the original bet, but it is capped. This means that it will be a set amount every time it is hit by a player, so there is no chance to win an extremely high amount on a single game.

Other Popular Features that Personalize the Gaming Experience

There are a number of other features found on several different titles that allow players to enhance and personalize their online gaming experience. One of the most popular features is the ability to customize the bet amount. This allows players to control how much they spend, but it also allows them to win more money by betting higher amounts.

Other popular features that can personalize the gaming experience include:

  • Different paylines - the number of paylines can vary from a single line to up to 100 paylines
  • High roller games - those that require a high starting bet
  • Win multipliers - multiplying how much is won on a single line

The possibilities are endless when trying to create a personalized online casino experience at Win A Day Casino, all thanks to the multiple slot games that are available. Find a favorite real money online slots title or two and stick to that, or enjoy rotating favorite games and playing a number of diverse games.