If you have Bitcoin sitting in your crypto wallet, there are thousands of ways for you to spend it. The world is your oyster with crypto, from buying pizza to booking trips to outer space! Find below the most convenient ways to use your Bitcoin.

Bitcoin ATMs (Fastest!)

There are thousands of Bitcoin ATMs, allowing you to quickly transfer your crypto into fast cash. Check out coinatmradar.com to find out if there is a Bitcoin ATM near you. (There is a small fee for this service)

Bank card (Most useful!)

You can obtain a physical bank card, connected to your crypto wallet, which works just like any other bank card to pay for goods & services or to withdraw cash.

  • BitPay Card

    Use BitPay as your wallet and turn it into dollars with BitPay's prepaid Visa card.

  • Cash Card

    Send your crypto to CashApp and spend it using their free Visa debit card.

  • Crypto.com

    This Visa Debit card offers attractive rewards, including Spotify & Netflix memberships!

  • Coinbase Card

    Coinbase offers some users the option of a Visa debit card, however this is currently unavailable for US members.

Bank transfer (Cheapest!)

Transfer your crypto directly to your bank account. Availability depends on your location and bank.

  • Coinbase

    If you withdraw to your Coinbase account, transfer funds from here via ACH, or SEPA transfer.

  • Bitstamp

    If you withdraw to your Bitstamp account, transfer funds from here via International Bank Transfer, or SEPA transfer (within EU).

Virtual cards

Use your crypto on a gift card to spend at hundreds of popular retailers.

  • eGifter.com

    Purchase gift cards for Amazon, Walmart, Macy's, Home Depot, and many more.

  • Gyft.com

    Available brands include Starbucks, Whole Foods, Nike & eBay.

  • see here

    for a comprehensive list of options

Major online retailers

Crypto is increasingly accepted across a number of online stores, including some you have certainly used before.

  • Purse.io

    While Amazon does not directly accept Bitcoin yet, you can pay for your next purchase by a 3rd party solution called Purse.

  • Overstock.com

    Buy common household goods with Bitcoin.

  • Newegg.com

    This electronic retail giant accepts Bitcoin payments for most of its stock.

  • Expedia.com

    Purchase your next hotel stay via Bitcoin.

  • see here

    for a comprehensive list of options

Local businesses

Use crypto right on your doorstep! These links show you a variety of Bitcoin friendly locations.

  • Coinmap.org

    Search through 15,000+ venues accepting crypto around the world - well, excluding Antarctica!

  • Usebitcoins.info

    Explore real-world places accepting Bitcoin.

  • Spendabit.co

    Search through millions of products, offered by hundreds of stores accepting Bitcoin.


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