Deuces Wild

This video online poker game by Win A Day Casino allows you to play more than one hand at a time. Think how awesome it will be to be able to play up to 50 hands at a time and to increase your chances to win, all the 2 cards are wild. Meaning that each and every 2s of spades, hearts, clubs, and diamonds are wild cards that help boost your wins. Adding to the fun, you will get a chance to double your win at the end of a game. Now, that makes an interesting game for the instant play casino games enthusiast, doesn't it?

Use the betting option, to decide on the amount you want to bet on a particular hand, to start the game. Upon betting you will be dealt with cards on your table. A standard 52 cards deck is used per game, which is refreshed after each game just like other casino games. As you are dealt with the first 5 cards, you will have to choose between holding a card and replacing it with a new one. This is where the fun part begins. Using the gambling option you can double your bet on a hand within the game.

In the Deuces Wild game the lowest win is 3 of a kind, but when all 2's are wild cards, any card can be replaced to make a set. Say in a series which is void of one card, a 2 from another set can be used in its place to complete the win. This feature gives you an added advantage of making maximum win combinations possible.

Special Double Feature

A special Double your win round is offered when your win amount accumulates to become equal to the total wagers you made. This offer doubles your win amount instantly, but accepting or rejecting the offer is left for you to decide. If you are feeling lucky, you can accept by pressing the double button, or if you wish to leave the win amount is credited to your account immediately.